The Problem

A health care client wanted to encourage private and public sector investment in prevention and wellness as a responsible means of addressing rising health care costs.

The Solution

Texas lacked a strong statewide voice for prevention and wellness in the workplace, and Jennifer Waisath Harris oversaw the development, launch and strategic third party engagement of the statewide business and health care coalition with a public affairs firm.

The effort involved coalition building, third party alliance development, communications, earned media and event planning. The business and health care coalition held high profile roundtable and hands on workshop events to present the business case and ROI for investing in preventive care and wellness in employee benefits.

The Results

Legislation supporting wellness was approved by the Texas Legislature and, separately, significant in roads with a number of private sector employers for adoption of wellness programs were also achieved. The comprehensive public affairs and media campaign generated more than 4 million media impressions, engaged more than 150 businesses and entities as coalition supporters and worked in tandem with state and national consulting firms and lobby teams for effective testimony and collateral materials to support the inside game effort.