The Problem

Arizona’s highly controversial immigration law sparked new challenges in U.S./Mexico relations. On the eve of then-President Felipe Calderon’s state visit to the U.S., the media and public officials ratcheted up rhetoric that was detrimental to productive bilateral relations and business interests on both sides of the border. Fresh, balanced perspective on the new law and an emphasis on solutions and opportunities for positive progress in addressing shared border challenges was needed to break through the news cycle.

The Solution

JWH Communications helped to craft a compelling message that would help diffuse the unproductive rhetoric and position her client, former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Antonio Garza, as an authority on U.S./Mexico relations and cross-border business and investment.

The Results

An opinion-editorial column was successfully placed in major daily newspapers across the United States and, in turn, the effort also generated widespread interest from online news sources and broadcast media, ahead of the meetings between President Calderon and President Obama.