JWH Communications

JWH Communications provides comprehensive public affairs, media relations, communications and grassroots campaign management for our clients. The firm’s experience spans a wide range of industry sectors and complex issues, including U.S./Mexico relations, energy, agriculture, economic development, telecom, health care, transportation and technology. JWH Communications tailors strategy, tactics and services to meet the unique demands and specialized needs of our clients. Our integration within larger teams and organizations is seamless. Our ability to collaborate, manage and support larger campaign initiatives is our trademark. Explore our available services:

Internal and external communications

How and what you communicate to internal audiences can be every bit as important as your external communications. We develop strategies and messaging materials that build internal support and awareness for your campaign. When the issue involves the public, government officials and the media, our eye toward crafting messages that resonate with the right audiences at the right time is a focal point of our work.

Media relations

As a former spokesperson for major state agencies, elected and appointed officials, JWH Communications’ Jennifer Harris is well versed coordinating response and messaging for complex issues. Given that news is a 24-hour venture, our expertise in traditional earned media and social media to deliver your news to the right reporters, editorial page writers and bloggers ensures your news gets the attention it deserves.

Writing, copy editing and speechwriting services

Message matters, and JWH Communications is adept at telling your story in ways that move the needle, generating positive media attention, mobilizing voters and selling your story to a wide range of internal and external audiences. Being able to deliver compelling content in the right voice and at the right time is a JWH Communications specialty.

Crisis communications

When a crisis hits, clients shouldn’t be caught flat-footed. JWH Communications works with clients to anticipate potential pitfalls, prepare for the unexpected and assist with strategic guidance on a rapid response that sets your campaign back on the right track.

Social media and digital engagement

Amplifying your message or campaign via social media and digital engagement are crucial components of your communication toolbox. JWH Communications carefully considers the use of these tools as strategic, tactical elements of your larger issue campaign. We’re adept at creating engaged social networks from the ground up or managing and expanding your existing social or digital presence to help ensure your message is heard loud and clear.

Public affairs and issue campaign management

When clients’ concerns intersect with public policy, JWH Communications leverages our extensive political, non-profit and private sector public affairs campaign experience to devise creative, effective issue campaigns that resonate, mobilize and win.

JWH Communications brings more than a decade of strategic communications, public affairs campaign and media expertise to meet the unique demands and needs of every client. If there is a challenge where we could help, please don't hesitate to contact us. GET IN TOUCH »